Propylene glycol

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Or Propylene Glycol or Propylene Glycol

Propylene glycol, also called propane 1,2-diol, is a synthetic organic compound.

Its chemical formula is C₃H₈O₂, and is a viscous, almost colorless and odorless liquid with a slightly sweet taste. It is miscible with a wide range of solvents such as water, acetone, chloroform and ethanol.

Formula: C3H8O2

Detailed Formula: CH3CHOHCH2OH

Density: 1.04 grcm3

2- Synonyms:



methyl ethylene glycol

methyl glycol


Propylene glycol is used as:

Antimicrobial preservative.

– disinfectant disinfectant.


– plasticizer.

– solvent.

A stabilizer (any agent added to another substance in order to preserve its natural and chemical properties from change).

A water miscible cosolrent co-solvent.

Propylene glycol is widely used as a solvent and preservative in many pharmaceuticals and is a better solvent than glycerine and is able to dissolve a large number of substances such as: corticosteroids, phenols, sulfa compounds, barbiturates, vitamins (DA), most alkaloids and a lot of topical drugs. .

It also has an antiseptic effect and is similar to that of ethyl alcohol, and is used as an anti-fungal agent, it is similar in that to glycerine, but its effectiveness is slightly less than ethanol in this regard.

Propylene glycol is also used in cosmetics, and in the food industry as a carrier of emulsifying agents, as an excipient, and as a carrier for flavors and is better than ethanol because it is volatile and thus provides a more regular flavor.

Propylene glycol repels oxidizing agents such as potassium permanganate.


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